Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari

BLOGThere are no longer any predetermined life paths.  Each of us is on our own.”

Modern Romance examines the benefits and challenges of dating in today’s technology centric world.  Along with NYU sociologist Eric Klinenberg, Aziz Ansari designed a research project consisting of interviews and focus groups from different cultures including the United States, France, Qatar, Tokyo and Buenos Aires.  He sets out to answer the question: with so many options and avenues to meet people, why is everyone so frustrated? Aziz Ansari provides historical comparisons, a thorough exploration of online dating, the benefits and drawbacks of technology, and examples of how it all differs across cultures.

Modern Romance offers a comprehensive study of the evolution of dating and the role of technology, both positive and negative.  Ansari takes an academic approach to the subject, and the book has a textbook style combined with Ansari’s trademark humour.  That in itself makes it very unique.  The topic is well researched and presented in a clear and organized way that is easy to read.  The book offers a lot of facts, statistics and research results along with valuable takeaways that may give the reader a better outlook on their approach to dating.  It is an educational and worthy read for anyone navigating the world of modern romance.

Favourite quote:We want something that’s very passionate, or boiling, from the get-go.  In the past, people weren’t looking for something boiling; they just needed some water.  Once they found it and committed to a life together, they did their best to heat things up.  Now, if things aren’t boiling, committing to marriage seems premature.”

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