Must-Read Debut Novels of 2015

So far, 2015 has been a year of very impressive debut novels.  Many of these novels are turning out to be some of my favourites of the year and it looks like that list is continuing to grow.  Here are my picks for must-read debut novels that were published in the first half of 2015:


1.  Signal To Noise – Story of a girl named Meche and her two best friends, Sebastian and Daniela.  Inseparable friends each dealing with personal challenges who discover they can cast spells through music.  The novel jumps back and forth between Mexico City in 1988 when Meche is fifteen years old, and Mexico City 2009 when Meche comes back to the city for her father’s funeral, unraveling the mystery of what happened between the three friends that caused the end of their friendship. 

2.  When The Saints – Tabby Saint returns to her family home to find it abandoned. She reunites with her troubled family and learns what has happened to them in the years since she left.  She struggles with the need to help and the desire to run.

3.  Mosquitoland – After learning that her mother is sick, Mary Iris Malone (Mim) hops aboard a Greyhound bus to Cleveland, running away from Mississippi where she lives with her dad and step-mom.  Throughout her journey she meets a number of different characters and learns valuable lessons.

4.  A Robot In The Garden – A story about a man and a robot.  Ben Chambers is stuck in a rut and dealing with marriage problems.  One day his wife discovers a robot in their garden, which makes Ben embark on a journey that changes his life.

5.  The Wrath & The Dawn – A re-telling of A 1001 Nights with the Caliph Khalid, a boy king who takes a new bride each night and has them executed at sunrise.  After her best friend becomes the latest victim, young Shahrzad volunteers to be next in order to put a stop to the murders.

Happy reading!

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