Girl On The Run by B. R. Myers

BLOG“There’s no such thing as a safe bet. You might be the fastest runner in the heat, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to win the final race.”

Seventeen-year-old Jesse Collins has big dreams for the future, which include university and a track and field scholarship. As a proven track and field star, those dreams are very much within reach. However, after the sudden death of her father and the circumstances under which it occurred, Jesse gives up running and suddenly her future is not that certain. When summer rolls around she decides to take a position as a camp counselor, and hopes that in getting away from her town and her comfort zone she can find a way to being her old self again. Things get a little complicated when due to a mix-up she is put in charge of four unruly boys and her summer becomes quite eventful. It becomes a summer of challenges, competition, rivalries, humour, unexpected romance, friendships, and new beginnings.

Girl On The Run was a very pleasant surprise and I am happy to have come across it. I found it to be a fun read, filled with clever and witty dialogue. Jesse is an engaging protagonist and her inner dialogue and commentary is the main highlight of the book. It made me smile, laugh and captured my full attention from the beginning. I enjoyed Jesse’s camp adventures, misadventures, and the process of discovery and personal growth that she experiences. The characters are interesting and entertaining, although some do feel one-dimensional. Overall, Girl On The Run is an enjoyable read that captures the pain of loss, the journey of self-discovery, and the magic of summer camp.

Favourite quote: “I studied their vibrant faces. One wanted to be noticed. One wanted to have friends. One wanted a summer romance. One wanted to belong. And I wanted all of those things.”

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