BREAK TIME| Colouring, it’s a beautiful thing.

IMG_3088A few months ago I was in the midst of one major reading slump.  I always read what I feel like reading and never force myself to read anything I’m not excited about or interested in, which has made reading slumps a rare occurrence.  But sometimes the mind just doesn’t want to focus on a story and needs a vacation.  Since books were not appealing at the time I was searching for something else to keep me entertained, and in an effort to keep myself from binge-watching Netflix, I ended up discovering colouring books for adults.  Wait, what?!  This blew me away and made me absolutely giddy.  I loved colouring books as a child, but with adulthood that somehow stopped being a thing to do.  Until now! The whole concept is brilliant, and when the mind needs to cool off for a little bit a good colouring book is all you need.

With some research I ended up purchasing Johanna Basford’s Secret Garden. It is a lovely book full of amazing designs that are beautifully done.


I would very much recommend this book, along with any other ones by Johanna Basford as her work is quite exceptional.  Just sit back, relax, and colour. 🙂

PS.  I have found it to be a great activity WHILE binge-watching Netflix because, who am I kidding?

10 thoughts on “BREAK TIME| Colouring, it’s a beautiful thing.

  1. Aren’t they gorgeous? I’ve had that one in my shopping cart for ages, but I’ve bought so many I had to slow down. I never stopped coloring, really, and still mostly stick to the bigger, bolder children’s books. But it was such a delight to find ones geared for adults with all the fine detail.

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    1. They are so unbelievably detailed. The Enchanted Forest and Lost Ocean look great as well, and they are hanging out in my shopping cart as well. And now there is a Harry Potter colouring book too…oh boy.

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