Ghost Stories for Christmas

IMG_0081Revive a spooky, old Christmas tradition. 

Reading a ghost story on Christmas Eve was once as much a part of traditional Christmas celebrations as turkey, eggnog and Santa Claus.”

Now this is my kind of Christmas tradition. These little stories jumped out at me at a bookstore and soon became a must do for Christmas Eve.

The Signalman by Charles Dickens was published in 1866 and described as “an eerie story of isolation, dread and supernatural visitation.”  Not your typical holiday read but for a ghost story it’s wonderfully spooky.

One Who Saw by A. M. Burrage was published in 1931 and is the story of a writer who is “enchanted by the spectre of a weeping woman.  His obsession builds until her ghostly hand falls from her face and he, in horror, becomes the ‘one who sees.'”

It looks to be a dark and rainy day here, so ghost stories and some eggnog will be a perfect combination. 🙂


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