Christmas on Primrose Hill by Karen Swan

IMG_0139“I am a giant blue bunny.  A blue freaking bunny.”

Over the holiday weekend I was in the mood for a fun read and ended up picking up Christmas on Primrose Hill.  It follows twenty-six year old Nettie Watson who ends up becoming a social media star after a video of an incident at a marketing campaign goes viral.  Pretty soon Nettie ends up as the star of a campaign of the marketing company she works for, and in addition to a slew of Twitter followers, she gets the attention of the famous front man Jamie Westlake.  Nettie’s quiet, unassuming life is flipped upside down and an unexpected adventure begins.

Christmas on Primrose Hill is a nice book to get lost in and enjoy over a weekend.  Although some of the situations and events are a bit far-fetched and out there, it is a quirky and fun read with interesting characters.  You do have to suspend reality with quite a few things, but sometimes it’s nice to escape into the improbable.  Nettie is very sweet and likeable as the main character, and someone you want to root for.  Christmas on Primrose Hill is a romantic read to get lost in.

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