Beatlebone by Kevin Barry

IMG_0198“He is so many miles from love now and home.  This is the story of his strangest trip.”

When I came across this novel I was very much intrigued by it and its premise.  At times poetic, at times odd, Beatlebone tells the fictional story of a 37-year-old John Lennon as he journeys to an island he owns off the coast of Ireland.  His goal is to spend three days there, alone.  The tale that follows is one that provides insight into the mind of a man who is in need of stillness and anonymity.  We learn that this occurs during a time in his life where he was a stay-at-home dad and struggling creatively.  It is written in a unique style that is not easily described and quite different from anything I have read before.  It is not a straight narration, but instead part dialogue, part stream of consciousness, part screen-play, part narration, and sections that feel quite poetic.

“Why should I run the way that I run?”

Beatlebone is an interesting reading experience, to say the least.  It feels like several books in one with the various styles used throughout.  Stylistically it is an intriguing novel and really takes us inside the mind of a man who is struggling.  Because it does mix different forms of storytelling, I had a mix of emotions while reading it as a whole.  There were moments where I was completely engrossed and in love with the language and the writing, and then there were moments where I felt disconnected and a little lost.  I enjoyed having such a unique reading experience, however I personally found many of the sections difficult to follow.  Beatlebone is odd and different, and may or may not be your cup of tea.

“Never name the moment for happiness or it will pass by.”

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