Love in Lowercase by Francesc Miralles

IMG_0792“…what we are isn’t important.  What we do with what we are is important.  Hours are worthless unless you know what to do with them.”

Charming and sweet, Love in Lowercase tells the story of Samuel de Juan, a professor in Barcelona who leads a solitary and uneventful life that is based on routine.  This changes when a feline friend appears at his door, and makes Samuel’s apartment his home.  The appearance of his new companion sets off a chain of events, which brings new people into Samuel’s life and alters his solitary existence.

Love in Lowercase is a fun read, and at 224 pages it is one that can be enjoyed over a few hours.  It is about the small moments in life that serve as a catalyst for change.  The theme is endearing and explored very well, as we follow the events of Samuel’s life and his wacky little journey.  What makes this book so delightful are the references to real-life stories and authors.  It is split up into short chapters and sections, which makes it very fast and easy to read.  I did find the main romance to be somewhat underdeveloped and odd, however this part doesn’t overwhelm the book as the main focus is Samuel himself and his life as a whole.  Love in Lowercase is a fun and sweet little book that is an easy and enjoyable read.

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