All the Birds in the Sky by Charlie Jane Anders

IMG_1080“Society is the choice between freedom on someone else’s terms and slavery on yours.”

All the Birds in the Sky is a unique book that takes elements of magical realism, fantasy, and science-fiction to create a page-turning story with memorable and endearing main characters.  We are introduced to Patricia who is a witch with a deep connection to nature, and Laurence who is a genius when it comes to science and technology.  They find friendship in the challenging times of their youth, but end up going their separate ways only to reunite as adults and at a time when the world is descending into chaos.

This book is different.  That is, it doesn’t neatly fit into any one genre and it’s not easy to describe.  It is a book that you need to dive into and just experience, preferably without a lot of prior knowledge about what the story consists of so I hesitate to say too much.  It explores themes of friendship and love with an impending apocalypse that examines the relationship and conflict between science and nature.  The story is well crafted and presented, diving into and interconnecting all of these different themes and aspects of the book as a whole.  What makes All the Birds in the Sky a stand out for me, is the depth of its main characters.  The author takes care and time to develop each character, so that we first get to know them as individuals, which sets the foundation of the story and allows us to fully understand their bond and connection.

At times sad, at times funny and undeniably charming, it is a story to get lost in.  A compelling read I recommend to anyone looking for something a little different.

“You know… no matter what you do, people are going to expect you to be someone you’re not.  But if you’re clever and lucky and work your butt off, then you get to be surrounded by people who expect you to be the person you wish you were.”

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