300 Days of Sun by Deborah Lawrenson

IMG_1579“We cannot go back to what we once were, she thought, none of us can.”

300 Days of Sun takes us to Faro, Portugal.  Joanna is in Faro in order to get away from a failing relationship and career troubles, when she meets Nathan, a young man looking for information on a kidnapping that happened over twenty years ago.  Nathan looks to Joanna for assistance due to her background in journalism, and she sets out on a search that leads her to a novel that may hold the answers.  Split into parts, three sections of the overall story are passages from The Alliance, a novel that turns out to be more fact than fiction. 

Intriguing and enjoyable, 300 Days of Sun is an excellent summer read.  There are numerous elements to the story; romance, mystery, historical events, espionage, along with a thriller aspect that make it quite a page-turner.  The author does a wonderful job of integrating all of these themes together and each works very well.  I found the passages from The Alliance (the book within the book), and the sections with Joanna’s account to both be interesting and captivating, although I did prefer when the story switched to Joanna’s perspective.  I feel this was just due to preference on my part as I don’t tend to read a lot of historical fiction.  There is an understatement and subtlety to the romance in the novel that is absolutely lovely, and it was all handled beautifully.  And the ending… perfection.  300 Days of Sun is a great beach read that offers the ultimate in escapism.

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