The Regional Office Is Under Attack! by Manuel Gonzales

IMG_1695“If you found yourself facing a problem, in other words, that did not appear easily solved, the good folk at the Regional Office were the ones who could solve it.
But not today.
Almost any day but today.
Because today, the Regional Office is under attack.”

Headed by the enigmatic Oyemi and her partner Mr. Niles, the Regional Office is home to a number of powerful female assassins who are recruited to fight against evil forces.  Oyemi’s oracles prophesize that one of their own will turn against them, and in a matter of time, the Regional Office is under attack.  There are two main points of view in the novel through which we get to learn about the the organization, the attack, and the backstory.  Rose is a young recruit who is one of the key players in the attack against the Regional Office, determined to prove herself to those who recruited her for the mission. On the other side is Sarah, who was taken in by the Regional Office as a young woman after the disappearance of her mother, and rumor is she has a mechanical arm.  Rose and Sarah’s stories intersect, but while we get each of their perspectives during the attack, we also get flashbacks to their earlier years and how they came to be involved with the Regional Office. Interspersed throughout is also a newspaper/documented account of the organization and how everything unfolded.

The main thing I can say about The Regional Office Is Under Attack! is that it is one fun read.  It is an action-packed adventure with interesting characters that completely captured my attention.  The author’s use of two main points of view, switching between Rose and Sarah works incredibly well, drawing the story forward and revealing the little details and connections.  Some of my favourite sections came from the newspaper/documented accounts of the Regional Office, which provided more of a big picture of what was happening.  The writing style is kind of quirky and took a little while to get used to, however I ended up really enjoying the sarcasm of it all.  With the book overall being such a fun adventure, the way everything wraps up feels a little… ordinary.  At the end I wanted more of the story explored, but if the biggest issue you have after finishing a book is that you want more, I would definitely call that a success.

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