My Last Continent by Midge Raymond

IMG_2572“The end of the world, the beginning of everything.”

Set in Antarctica, My Last Continent tells the story of Deb Gardner who studies penguins and acts as a tour guide during travel and research season. She fell in love with the continent and it is the one place she truly feels at home. It is also there that she meets Kellar, who is in search of home himself, and together they face the challenges of having a relationship when the draw they feel toward Antarctica keeps them apart. During one research and tourism season,  a cruise liner sends out a distress signal and Deb becomes part of the rescue, learning that Kellar is one of its passengers.

My Last Continent is told in flashbacks from the lead up to a shipwreck to past moments that were significant in Deb’s life. The picture the author paints of Antarctica is amazing and the issues it brings up regarding the effects of tourism on the continent is quite interesting. The relationship between Deb and Kellar is the focal point of the story, and unfortunately I did not feel the connection between the two characters and never fully engaged with that aspect of the novel. I did absolutely love the setting and appreciate all the fascinating information and facts throughout. It is a place and topic I will definitely look to read more about.

2 thoughts on “My Last Continent by Midge Raymond

  1. You know, everytime I look at the picture’s in your post, with a cup of tea or coffee and a gorgeous book (and books are always gorgeous), I think, “This is contentment”.

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