Down Among the Sticks and Bones by Seanan McGuire

IMG_4966“Some adventures require nothing more than a willing heart and the ability to trip over the cracks in the world.”

Down Among the Sticks and Bones is the second book in the Wayward Children series, and tells the story of twin sisters Jack and Jill who were among the characters in the first novella, Every Heart a Doorway. Originally we met Jack and Jill at age seventeen and living at Eleanor West’s Home for Wayward Children. This time we get their life story and everything that led up to their time at Eleanor’s; from before they were born to their descent down a mysterious staircase, and the fairy-tale realm that became their home, until it wasn’t anymore.

“There are worlds built on rainbows and worlds built on rain. There are worlds of pure mathematics, where every number chimes like crystal as it rolls into reality. There are worlds of light and worlds of darkness, worlds of rhyme and worlds of reason, and worlds where the only thing that matters is the goodness in a hero’s heart.”

I liked Every Heart a Doorway, which introduced us to this Home for Wayward Children and a number of characters, each with interesting backgrounds and experiences. However, it left me wanting more of these backgrounds and worlds explored, and that is what Down Among the Sticks and Bones provides. While Jack and Jill were not necessarily the characters I was most eager to learn more about, I was completely drawn into their story and found it to be compelling and well written. The fairy realm they enter is intriguing, but what stands out the most is the dynamic between the two sisters and the evolution of their relationship. This is a highly enjoyable novella and a great addition to the series, which makes me look forward to seeing what future releases will bring.

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