Cove by Cynan Jones

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“It does not matter who you are. You know what you are physically, and that you’re in a kayak somewhere on the ocean. It only matters what you are, right now.”

This little book captures a man’s struggle for survival in one hundred and twenty unforgettable pages. During a sudden storm a man is struck by lighting while on his boat. When he wakes, he has no memory of who he is or where he is, only a vague feeling and idea of a woman who may be waiting for him. Everything becomes about survival, instinct, and making it from one moment to the next.

“He has no measurement of time. Time seems too specific a word to him. He thinks of whiles, moments – things less measurable. And for a long while he watches the stars, the thin double halo girding the moon, rocking to and fro, building his own constellations, finding his own patterns, drawing his own imaginary lines.”

Cove is impressive in its simplicity, with striking imagery and excellent writing. It has a very poetic feel to it and slowly unveils a story that is quite haunting. Not only does it capture the struggle to survive against nature, but also the struggle to go home and hold on to the strength required for that to happen. This book can easily be read in one day or one sitting, and I feel that is the best way to do it and experience it all at once. Cove is a little book that made a big impression.

*Book provided by publisher for an unbiased review.

You can find the book here!

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