The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton

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“Somebody’s going to be murdered at the ball tonight. It won’t appear to be a murder so the murderer won’t be caught. Rectify that injustice and I’ll show you the way out.”

Aiden is reliving the same day over and over again; the day that Evelyn Hardcastle is murdered. At an illustrious party thrown by her parents, Evelyn is killed — again and again. Doomed to repeating this day, Aiden’s only way out is to solve the murder and prevent Evelyn’s death. But within the shadows an enemy lurks, and nothing is what it seems.

“How lost do you have to be to let the devil lead you home?”

As someone who reads mystery novels quite often, what makes me excited about a book is a unique premise. The premise of The Seven Lives of Evelyn Hardcastle is just that — unique. It felt different, new, and I had to read it as soon as possible. I really enjoyed reading this novel and couldn’t help but be quite impressed with the intricacy of the story, and to truly appreciate the sheer amount of planning that had to go into creating it. The format of the novel is slightly different from what I assumed it would be just from reading the description, but it’s a format that works well. From the beginning I was swept away by the story, every chapter felt like a new adventure, and I loved seeing how the pieces of the puzzle were connecting as the day unfolds. I do think that perhaps the novel as a whole would have benefited from being a little shorter because of its format, which can’t help but feel repetitive (the main character is literally repeating the same day over and over). And maybe because of this I did not feel very satisfied with the conclusion, simply because I thought it was building up to something really big and mind-blowing, but by the time I reached the end it just felt okay and didn’t leave an impact on me. Having said that, this is an enjoyable mystery novel and the unique format is absolutely worth experiencing.

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