Fifteen Dogs by André Alexis

23129923“But what am I without those who understand me?”

What would happen if animals were given human consciousness?  This is a question posed by the god Hermes to Apollo.  Apollo believes that they would be even more unhappy than humans, while Hermes believes that they would die happier.

– I wonder, said Hermes, what it would be like if animals had human intelligence.
– I wonder if they’d be as unhappy as humans, Apollo answered.
– Some humans are unhappy; others aren’t.  Their intelligence is a difficult gift.
– I’ll wager a year’s servitude, said Apollo, that animals – any animal you choose – would be even more unhappy than humans are, if they had human intelligence. 

So, a wager is set between the two gods, and fifteen dogs at a Toronto veterinary clinic are granted human consciousness.  The gods look on as the lives of the dogs unfold with their new-found abilities.  There are those who embrace the new way of thinking and those who feel they’ve lost their way. Continue reading “Fifteen Dogs by André Alexis”