Must-Read Debut Novels of 2015

So far, 2015 has been a year of very impressive debut novels.  Many of these novels are turning out to be some of my favourites of the year and it looks like that list is continuing to grow.  Here are my picks for must-read debut novels that were published in the first half of 2015:


1.  Signal To Noise – Story of a girl named Meche and her two best friends, Sebastian and Daniela.  Inseparable friends each dealing with personal challenges who discover they can cast spells through music.  The novel jumps back and forth between Mexico City in 1988 when Meche is fifteen years old, and Mexico City 2009 when Meche comes back to the city for her father’s funeral, unraveling the mystery of what happened between the three friends that caused the end of their friendship.  Continue reading “Must-Read Debut Novels of 2015”