Yes Please by Amy Poehler

BLOG“You have to be where you are to get where you need to go.”

In her memoir Yes Please, Amy Poehler shares stories from childhood, her career in comedy, along with stories and advice on different subjects such as divorce and self-confidence.  The book is a collection of essays with inserts from friends and family.  Amy uses her experiences to inspire and share what she has learned.  It reads like a love letter to all the important and special people in her life.

I was pleasantly surprised with Amy’s openness and sincerity about her experiences, and that she uses this book to address issues we all deal with at some point in our lives, such as insecurity and fear.  Her level of honesty is quite touching. Thank you, Amy Poehler.  The first part of Yes Please is engaging and enjoyable, however it does slow down in the middle and towards the end.  I feel it could have been edited down a bit as at a certain point it does seem to become laboured with too many different things thrown together.  I love the overall message of Yes Please, and it is definitely a worthy read for Amy Poehler fans along with anyone looking for a little bit of advice and inspiration.

On a side-note, the book itself is surprisingly heavy.  Be warned:  your arm strength will be tested.

Favourite quote: “I didn’t know if I had the talent or drive, I just had a tiny little voice whispering inside of me.  That same voice would tell me I would meet Carol Burnett someday, I would find love, I would be okay.  We all have a tiny whispery voice inside of us, but the bad ones are usually at a lower register and come through a little clearer.”

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