The Bookshop on the Corner by Jenny Colgan

img_3289“Just do something. You might make a mistake, then you can fix it. But if you do nothing, you can’t fix anything. And your life might turn out full of regrets.”

Nina Redmond is a librarian who loves finding the perfect book for each reader. However, when her job becomes obsolete, she is forced to take stock of her life and determine what the next step for her is. How brave and bold does she dare to be? Turns out, brave enough to realize a long-standing dream of owning a bookshop by opening a bookmobile. With plenty of books in tow, she sets off to change not only the lives of those she encounters, but her own as well.

“What is it your dream to do? I suppose . . . I want to be with books, have them all round me. And recommend them to people excited to be going on vacation, and people who need to know they aren’t alone in the universe and books for children . . .  And to go places where I’m needed.”

The Bookshop on the Corner is a lovely book that will speak to anyone looking to make a change, be brave, and pursue a passion. It is sweet, endearing, and a real love letter to books and bookworms alike. I found it to be an easy story to get into and quite the little page-turner, as I had a hard time putting it down at times. There are some interesting romances, a charming village in Scotland, and of course plenty of books. I highly recommend this book if you are looking for a simple and engrossing story to escape into.

“Because every day with a book is slightly better than one without, and I wish you nothing but the happiest of days”

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